VeriCoin Roadmap

This VeriCoin Roadmap illustrate what projects are currently being worked on by the VRC developers as well as their approximate level of completion. Completed Projects are shown for reference and brief Project Descriptions are provided to give a better understanding of what each project entails.

Current Projects

Note: bars with longer title blocks may appear to be the wrong length.

Completed Projects

Note: Completed projects will continue to be refined and expanded upon.

Project Descriptions

Recent Updates
August 11th, 2014
August 5th, 2014
Additional Notes

Doug, a.k.a effectsToCause, is Veri excited about the new Anon and Username feature, saying, “Anon legitimizes username security and usernames legitimize anon for mass market adoption.”

The Veribank Dev has stated, “The ultimate goal of VeriBank [official name TBD] is to bring VeriCoin mainstream…. make it extremely simple to acquire/use and make it THE digital equivalent to cash.” He is hesitant to comment further due to legal issues and to prevent competition from idea-snatching.

The iOS Wallet Dev has stated that the iOS Wallet is nearing completion but that release will still take sometime due to testing and licensing concerns.